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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Imanolena (Luis Peña Ganchegui, 1964): A hideaway in the Cantabrian coast. Rocío Peña and Mario Sangalli

Designed by Luis Peña Ganchegui in 1964 for his friend, Imanol Beristain, Casa Imanolena is located in Mutriku, away from the town centre, on a plot of land on a hillside that slopes down towards the coast. A place where the customer yearned for a hideaway that enabled him to enjoy the sight of the Cantabrian Sea, whilst being protected from the violence it often displays.

To narrate the story of what amounts to, without any doubt, the best contribution to private residential architecture by its author, the exhibition combines original material (preliminary sketches, project drawings and photographs of the work shortly after construction) with other material recently created, which helps to enhance the understanding of the building. In essence, the idea is to set out on a journey enriched with references, interpretations and reflections around this icon of Basque architecture from the second half of the 20th Century.

Author: Luis Peña Ganchegui (Oñati, 1926 – Donostia, 2009)

Educated in Madrid, Luis Peña Ganchegui established himself as an architect in 1960.

Undeniable icon for an entire generation of Basque architects. His work stands out because of its sensitivity towards landscape and its vocation for harmonising modernity and the local tradition.

Promoter: Peña Ganchegui Archive


Rocío Peña and Mario Sangalli were educated in Barcelona during the 80s. After sharing studio with Luis Peña himself for more than 20 years, they still lead the Estudio Peña Ganchegui and manage the Peña Ganchegui Archive. From the archive they preserve the legacy of the Basque architect, and they promote activities to disseminate his work and architectural culture in general.


06-11-2017 / 28-01-2018


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