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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Permeable compositions. Architecture, identity, displacement

Two presentations on identity, public space and blending by the architects María Heras and Ángel Verdasco. Their discussion of specific cases from Melilla to Nicaragua will be the core of a seminar that will finish with a round table with the writer Luisa Etxenike and the architect Mario Domínguez and with an open debate about architecture and the societies living in it. 


Ángel Verdasco: "Border and conflict in Melilla. An architecture for urban and social regeneration"

María Heras: " Two strategies for urban development: Project ‘Soria Within The Walls’ and “Revitalisation Plan of the Historic Centre of Granada (Nicaragua)"

Round Table

Ángel Verdasco, María Heras, Luisa Etxenike, Mario Domínguez

Debate Proposal

open to the public

Organizers: COAVN Gipuzkoa (Comisión de Patrimonio) and Cultura a mano

The Programme is being prepared